October blog challenge - Day 1..

October blog challenge - Day 1..

31 Days October writing challenge

I have wanted to do this challenge for the past few years, but I never managed more than a few days (if any). Then a few months ago, I began this blog and anyone who has read it knows that I have managed my goal of writing over 40 posts – lessons learned on my journey to 40. Having completed that mission, while I am still writing lessons from time to time, I have also decided to do posts on various random topics of interest. I have decided not to stick too strictly to any particular topic for this challenge, but I am going to commit to writing daily. Hopefully it will inspire me to find a direction to take my blogging over the next year, as it has been one of the most enjoyable pastimes I have had over the past few months, and I would definitely like to continue doing it into the forseeable future.

Today I am posting onto the blog something I wrote yesterday – on the topic of strong women who have everything. You will have to click through to it to see what it is about - I haven't figured out how to post links here yet. However, for the next few days of this challenge, I am going to be writing about a topic that I have always found interesting – language and communication. I want to take the opportunity to do some research into the topic, as well as write about some of my experiences. I think that communication is so critical, and sometimes I wonder how we understand each other at all, but we do, and it has made me think that there must be more to communication than our language and non-verbal cues we are using, and I would like to investigate that further, and do some writing on it. But sometimes I get random ideas, and so I might write about those too!

So here goes!!!

31 days and counting!!!

Until tomorrow, I send bog love from a small island.

Ps the above photo was taken when I visited Nova Scotia