October blog challenge - Day 10 - Life after 40

October blog challenge - Day 10 - Life after 40

I didn’t see it coming...

For my 40th birthday, I had dinner with a friend, and I was really looking forward to going. It was a new restaurant that I hadn’t been to before, and I had heard that the food was AMAZING! It was a few days after my birthday, and I will admit that I had spent those days eating. We went in, looked at the menu, and placed our orders – starter, main course and dessert. Halfway through the main course, I pushed away my plate – I was stuffed. And so began my forties. I don’t know what has happened, but age has gotten the better of me in quite a few unexpected ways – some of them great and some of them not so much. I am going to list some of the surprising ones for my blog entry today.

1.       I can no longer eat a 3 course meal at a restaurant – this has been the most shocking; this evening I had dinner with a friend and we both had to order 2 starters in order to have space for dessert, and I couldn’t even finish mine! I never thought I would be saying this, and I haven’t decided if this is a good or a bad thing, but this is definitely a thing.

2.       I can’t stay up late – in all honesty this has been happening for a while. I used to be an insomniac when I was younger, and I could burn every end of the candle. I spent the weekend at jazz, and here I am 2 days later STILL recovering! I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine about this, and she didn’t think that age had anything to do with it, but I could definitely function on limited sleep when I was a student or in my 20s. It isn’t so much that I couldn’t do it – perhaps I could! However, I find being at home and going to bed appeals to me so much more than other things, and I am starting to think that this was the case long before I had the courage to admit to people that I would rather be at home in bed than going to a party. So far, I have seen no down side to this, and so it continues!

3.       I can nap during the day! – Again with the sleep – I used to have issues napping during the day, and then not being able to sleep at night. That is definitely not a problem now!!! Also no down side to this!!

4.       I appreciate nonfiction – I don’t think I ever voluntarily read a non-fiction book until I was in my 30s. I always wanted to read fiction, as reading was always a great way to escape from real life! I still like to escape from real life, and I definitely read less, but I do find non-fiction interesting – history, healthcare, the subjects that I find interesting are varied, but I definitely enjoy non-fiction now. And as a bonus, I also enjoy watching “nonfiction” TV – documentaries, food network etc. This does NOT include the news though – I gave that up in my 30s and it was one of the best decisions I made! This is definitely a good thing!

I am actually going to stop there. I was hoping to do 5 things, but today I am leaving it at 4 and guess what – it is good…

Are there any things you have found yourself doing as you aged which were a beautiful (or not so beautiful) surprise? Looking forward to hearing them!

Big love from a small island

PS above is a photo of the 2 starters and dessert I had. It was good!!