October Challenge - Day 22 - Crutches and Coffee

October Challenge - Day 22 - Crutches and Coffee

So yesterday I fractured my ankle! It is one of the most painful things that I have done recently, and there is some time of recovery ahead. However I am home with it bandaged and elevated, and once the shock wore off, my sister informed me that I need to come up with a better story for how it fractured, since “I slid while falling out of the car” is too lame and frankly quite an ordinary way to sustain such major damage. We came up with a few ideas – I landed funny while bungee skiing was at the top of the list (bungee jumping with skis on to land on a downhill ski slope. I don’t know if it exists, but it sounds dangerous enough to do some serious damage!). I was then choppered back to Barbados over to Sandy Crest, and the story can continue from there. Second place – was rescuing a kitten from a tree.

In reality, I had gone to help another friend pack for a trip (she hurt her hand and couldn’t do it herself) and ended up doing some damage to my ankle. She did say that if I wasn’t in so much pain it would be hilarious, and she is right – I don’t know if it is the painkillers, but everything has seemed funnier since it happened. It has been a while since I have done any “lessons learned” posts, so here is one – and these lessons I learned in the last 24 hours from having a broken ankle.

1.       Crutches look easier than they are. I have always seen people on crutches, but I must say that they look easier to use than they actually are! Don’t use them if you think your tiles are slippery, and while this may seem like an obvious thing, don’t forget that you cannot walk with crutches while carrying anything! Not your phone, not your tablet, and definitely not a cup of coffee.

2.       You cannot hop with coffee either. Once I had arrived at the coffee maker and somehow managed to put it on to make something, I was faced with the task of getting the cup over to the table. I made it, but there was definitely some spillage, not good for the crutches either… Somehow the whole thing seemed hilarious!

3.       We take for granted simple things like going to the bathroom, taking a shower, and rolling over in bed. Sometimes it takes a bit of a disability to appreciate the simple things.

4.       There is nothing like being unstable on your feet to make you realise that you are alone in the house! I can see why people get married. Now would be a good time to have a husband knocking around the house! (Yes… I am aware that this isn’t the reason that people get married, but I was thinking it would be super useful right about now!)

5.       Laughter really is the best medicine! I have actually been feeling pretty miserable about the whole ordeal, but somehow everything seems hilarious, and laughing out loud definitely lifts my spirits, even when I am feeling depressed. My neighbours think I am crazy in the house alone laughing out loud, but that hasn’t stopped me before, and it won’t stop me now!!!

My plans for the next few guests that come to visit – create a tea and book nook close to the couch so that I don’t have to wander too far to get the essentials. So if you are coming, bring teabags, books, magazines or a piece of cake!!

Big love from the couch.