Safiya Robinson

Crutches, coffee and Self Care

Safiya Robinson
Crutches, coffee and Self Care

Contrary to popular belief - couch life has not been super conducive to using the laptop, so I have not been cranking out daily blogs like I thought might be happening. However, after getting a great blog idea from a friend last night (sadly for her it was the title for one of her assignments) the muse visited me, and I decided to walk with her into the poetry world to pen another ditty. I took a few linguistic stretches, but wasn't totally unhappy with the result, so I decided to share it with you all today. Today's lesson is in the importance of self care. Just do it!!

I send you big love from my couch!

PS one of my favourite "self-care" activities is sunset on the beach. So here is another photo from one of those trips!

Do you give up your last sip of water 

To quench someone else’s thirst?

Stand farther back in the line

To let others go first?

Would you give up your shelter

To keep others from the storm?

Do you set yourself on fire

To keep other people warm?


Believe me when I tell you

I live that life myself

Oftentimes serving others

Leaving my needs on the shelf

I over ride my instincts though

I know I never should

And I will be quite honest

Self sacrifice feels good


Sometimes I think as women

We often find our worth

In serving other people.

That is our place on earth

Or at least that is what we tell ourselves

And also what we are taught

That serving is our greatest gift

And we’re selfish if we are not.


Don’t get me wrong I love to serve

It really lifts me up

But it is impossible to pour

Out of an empty cup.

We run ourselves into the ground

Till we are on our last legs

But if we do then realize

We are giving others the dregs


You see sometimes we say yes to serve

When we really need rest

And then we really are not

Giving those we love our best.

It took me long to realize

I need to serve myself

Often that is the best gift

I can give anyone else


And If I set myself on fire

To give warmth to those nearby

It might work at first

And my loved ones will be snug and dry

But soon it will consume me

That burning desire to please

And my charred remains eventually

Will get blown away on the breeze


So don’t see it as selfish

To let yourself renew

And sometimes its even important

To let others serve you!

Take time to care and nurture yourself

To laugh, to play, to live

Being whole and complete in service

Is the best gift you can give