Christmas Spotlight - Summer Gems

Christmas Spotlight - Summer Gems

Today I feature another one of my favourite small businesses here on the blog. Summer gems has almost entirely repopulated my jewelry box over the past 2-3 years. The designer and business owner Kimberley is talented, creative and innovative when it comes to her designs and her business. She is kind, efficient and always willing to help customize pieces if necessary. If you want to buy a fantastic piece of jewelry for a special person in your life, definitely check out Summer Gems. She is featuring the petite pearl choker seen above at a special rate on her website - just click here to see more details. I am so pleased that I get to tell you some more about her!

1.       How long have you been in business? What inspired you to start this business?

Summer Gems was launched in October 2015. Jewellery design has always been an outlet for me to destress and tap into my creative side . As a laboratory technician, my days were filled with various  task that required  precision and focus . So, after a long day i really need that moment for myself, where i could be a kid again and play with pretty beads and  findings . Then one day my sister volunteered to take  a few of my pieces to her work place and the response was so encouraging, that i started to view my art in a different light.

2.       What products do you provide?

The designs are heavily  island inspired and offer something for every woman including unique earrings, anklets, bracelets and necklaces. They are designed using  premium quality accents  of Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and  semi-precious gemstones set in sterling silver, 14kt gold filled and rose gold filled.

3.       What is your favourite thing about being in this business?

My favourite aspect of the business is that my studio is literally doors  away from my bedroom so designing can occur at any random hour . And I absolutely love that for the first time I truly enjoy my job and  i’m  actually getting paid for  something that i simply adore.

4.       Do you have any special products in your Christmas line?

 We are constantly updating our collections, but this year the highlight has been on our Petite Pearl Chokers. Designed to sit comfortably at the base of the neck they add the sweetest, most feminine style addition of the classic freshwater pearl. They can be purchased in sterling silver for Bds$100 or in the gold and rose gold filled for $120.

5.       What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Like most people, the thing I love about Christmas is the music and nostalgic memories associated with most of them. Every year when I hear Tevin Campbell’s rendition of “O holy Night”; it takes me back to a time when my grandparents were alive. Then, the entire family would meet at their house and overindulge in tiger malt, banks beers and ham. My late uncle Ezra would always be the DJ for the day and with him around it was always a good time. Presently there is that comedic memory of listening to my mother butcher the entire Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers album as she takes  apart her entire house in that  true ole school  Bajan tradition way . That is one thing that I may never emulate and most years my only decoration consist of a glittered starfish table centerpiece.

6.       Where can we find you?

You can find me online at my website, or on social media - Facebook and Instragram.

I am also available on phone 1(246)253-1269 or via email -

If you want to meet Kimberley in person, here are some options:

Monday - The Crane, St.Philip - 4:30 to 8pm

Saturday - Brighton Farmer’s Market - 6am to 9:30 am

Sunday - Holder’s Farmers Market

Above are some photos that Kimberley sent me of some of her jewelry. And look out for another post on Friday!

Big love from a small island

PHONE 1(246)253-1269