Safiya Robinson

Christmas Spotlight - Juna Wiltshire

Safiya Robinson
Christmas Spotlight - Juna Wiltshire

I am rounding up the week with one a young lady who I am convinced has more than 24 hours in her day. I first met her at Brighton market, and sampled her delicious brunch items (quiches, salads, and yummy baked goods). But her talents extend far beyond cooking and baking, and she has other delightful, whimsical handmade Christmas gifts and household decor available. She is pleasant and cheerful, and always full of ideas! Let me introduce you to Juna Wiltshire.

1.       How long have you been in business? What inspired you to start this business?

I've been in business for the last six years. At the time I was working at a job where I didn't feel happy and I decided  that since I  love to cook and sharing food with other people who enjoy my creations why not open a business based not only on food but craft as well.

2.       What products/services do you provide?

The business is set up in two areas one where I offer my culinary skills in creating meals, snacks, desserts and just about anything food related to the public and the other offers personalized craft in terms of gift boxes, tiles with messages written on them.

3.       What is your favorite thing about being in this business?

My favorite thing is I get to create foods or craft that I like and other people appreciate it

4.       Any special products or promotions in your Christmas lineup of products/services

For Christmas I am offering tiles with inspirational, funny or bajan quotes, gift boxes in 2 different sizes, wooden Christmas trees and button ornaments

5.       What is your favorite thing about Christmas or favorite Christmas tradition?

My favourite tradition is eating green peas rice and corn pie. Christmas isn't Christmas unless I have my corn pie

6.       Where can we find you?

I am at Brighton Farmers market on Saturday from 6-10 am, or you can call (246) 244-7306 and email on

That rounds up the featured businesses for this week. If you are in Barbados and can make it out to Brighton Farmer's market on Saturday morning, you will find all 3 of the featured businesses there and you can meet these ladies in person. Next week we will be featuring more businesses and I will also be doing some of my highlights of 2017. Lastly, I will be revealing my theme for 2018 both personal and on the blog, so look out for that!

Big love from a small island.