Welcome to 2018!!

Welcome to 2018!!

Clean fridge, warm heart...

I once heard someone say “when I cleaned my fridge I felt as if I could change careers”. It totally resonated with me! It might not resonate with every reader (although anyone out there has ever seen the inside of my fridge would understand why it caught my attention) but I am sure that there is some task around the house that feels as if it follows you through every room, and oftentimes even out the door and into your everyday activities. For me – it is the fridge. For you it might be cleaning out a cupboard, clearing away children’s storybooks or toys (after all you do have teenagers now), throwing out the spices that have sat on the spice rack since we were terrified of Y2K, or that box of charger cables for devices that have long since become obsolete.

There is so much about our personal space and the space we live in that can affect our mood, as well as our ability to function efficiently, and relax thoroughly. For me – having an untidy fridge makes me feel less enthusiastic about cooking something healthy, and I know that I am far more likely to throw on my exercise clothes and go for a walk if they are not hidden at the bottom of the “clean clothes basket”! But even more surprising – having a tidy space gives me the energy to tackle unrelated tasks. Having a clean fridge and folded clothes is often the catalyst I need to update my resume, sort out my paperwork or tidy up my bookshelf! It gives me a surprising boost of confidence, and really does make me feel like I can change the world. Also, it is a great place to start a blog post!! (clearly).

So I decided this would be a good place to start my 2018 blog posts under the rough umbrella theme “Nourish”. Having a tidy fridge, cupboard and kitchen (and even other rooms in your residence or desk in your workspace) is a great way to kick off the new year, and will definitely make it easier to do other nourishing activities, as well as making you feel smugly satisfied with yourself. And I find that having a pleasant living space is very nourishing for the soul. For the next few weeks, we will be looking at great tips on how to have an inviting space, de-clutter and improve the space you live in. There will be recipes for that tin you found at the back of the cupboard, and ways to help nourish the environment by reducing, reusing or recycling as well as repurposing. In addition – I am hoping to start a monthly Q and A so please email your Q’s to 39andcountingblog@gmail.com and I will see if I can answer any of them on the blog!

I look forward to sharing posts with you. I am also experimenting with videos and audios on the blog this year, so look out for those. I have already uploaded one: click here to see it!!

And as usual – all feedback is welcome and encouraged!! It’s going to be a good year.

Big love from a small Island.

PS In keeping with our theme - if you want to fill your fridge with nourishing fruits and veggies, check out Bridgetown market at Cheapside if you are in Barbados. Above is a photo I took on one of my trips there last year.