October Challenge Day 14...... A little poetry for the weekend

October Challenge Day 14...... A little poetry for the weekend

I always like to write a little poem during my October blog challenge and this year is no exception. This stretches creativity a little to get the rhythm right. You will have to call and ask me to read it to you if you can’t work it out!!! Here is a little poetry about life after 40.

They say that you’re only as old as you feel, as long as you are alive

The truth is that would bring my age to around one hundred and five

10 years ago I was feeling my age, I had vibrance and was fairly sporty

But now… things have started to go down the hill as I have progressed beyond 40

My body clock has gone on holiday, I’m tired all day and awake at night

And if I bend down to pick up a coin, I wonder if I’ll get up alright

I reach for my glasses more and more each day, so that close up items I can spy

I go into another room and then realize, I can’t even remember why.

My back hurts for no good reason, and I am intolerant of my brassiere

I can’t read the initials that my younger friends send, and quite frankly I don’t even care.

Don’t get me wrong, 40 has brought some good, I’ve been humbled in many ways

I am way more comfortable with speaking up for myself, and blogging is my new craze.

I am less concerned with what others think (although I was always an own way child)

And I finally let go some of my demure ways and let my hair go out wild.

I have come face to face with many of my faults and some of them I let go

And some of them I have embraced with whole heart, and anyone who don’t like it guh so…

So while I may feel old in body, my spirit still feels it youth.

My eyes still choose to see the good around, and my mouth chooses to speak my truth

And while no-one knows what the next decade will bring, one thing I know for sure

Is that I celebrate every year that goes by, and look forward to many more!

Thanks for indulging me! I send you big love from a small island!

PS the photo above I took of Dubrovnik - the walled city in Croatia.