October Challenge Day 19............... What's on my shelf (Part 3)

October Challenge Day 19............... What's on my shelf (Part 3)

Despite the fact that I had this written to post yesterday, the day was crazy. So… here is part 3 of my mini series - what’s on my shelf!

This is the last part of a look onto my shelf and today will be a short post where I am going to talk about the books that are on my shelf for the next few months. I am aiming for 10 again, and these may very well take me into 2019 and I am perfectly ok with that!

5 Non-fiction books on my shelf for the rest of the year.

1.       A whole New Mind (Daniel Pink) – this book promises to show me why Right Brainers will rule the future, and I am curious to read about his thoughts on looking at how what was traditionally known as “soft skills” are coming into their own in these modern times.

2.       High Performance Habits (Brendon Burchard) – I started this book earlier this year and put it down – mostly because it was filled with exercises that I did not have the headspace for. This time I am going to take a different approach and just try to pick one exercise or item to incorporate and see how that helps. I loved the book – it is well written and interesting, and he has a great audio version.

3.       The four tendencies (Grethcen Rubin) – I didn’t mention it in my previous post but another one of my favourite books this year was “The Happiness Project” by this author, and I am looking forward to reading this book. I heard her being interviewed about this and if you are thinking of starting a new habit or aiming for a new goal, it looks at your personality type and makes great suggestions for what measures you can put into place to increase your chances of success.

4.       The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg) – I started a new course recently, and this was one of the recommended reads, so I am looking forward to digging into it.

5.       Braving the Wilderness (Brene Brown) – I have had this audio book for a while and even started listening to it earlier this year, and definitely want to finish it up. I love Brene Brown, and could do with some courage right about now!

5 Fiction books on my shelf for the rest of the year

1.       Big Little Lies (Liane Moriarty) – a friend loaned me this a few days ago, and after loving another of her books I read within the last few months I can’t wait to dig into this one. I have no clue what it is about so I’ll have to pop back with a review after I finish it.

2.       The Midnight Line (Lee Child) – Another Jack Reacher book that is on my shelf for the near future. Can’t wait!!

3.       The Bone Season (Samantha Shannon) – a friend recommended this to me months ago. It is a proper sci-fi/fantasy (I honestly never know which is which so excuse me if I got this genre wrong) and I started it some time ago, and definitely want to get back into it in the next few months.

4.       Lethal White (Robert Gailbraith) – I enjoyed the last Cormoran Strike books by this author and am looking forward to digging into this one. Again – I have no idea what its about and I can’t wait!! I love it when I have an author that I love, and a book to look forward to

5.       ………………………. Looking for suggestions for this last spot!! I have several books on the kindle and in my audiobook playlist but I love suggestions from people who love books, so put one below or send me an email at 39andcountingblog@gmail.com

What books are on YOUR shelf for the rest of this year? I am always open to suggestions!!