Original Medicine

Original Medicine

I am not going to say that spending time away from social media has been responsible for my leap in productivity, but I will say that I have completely enjoyed the last few Facebook free days. Those who have known me for a while know that I often will take a break from social media over the period of Lent, if I can. Last year, I was helping manage the social media accounts for an organization I was president of, so the break was not as clean, but this year it has been so much easier to step away. I will be going online once a week to check in and to share any blog posts I have written, as well as any positive content that I have come across, and to clear my notifications, but for the most part I will not be on social media for the next few weeks.

How will I fill those hours you ask? Well for starters, the courses I have been doing are heavy with assignments, and I am going to attempt to keep on top of them. In addition, I will be working on a writing project, that I will say more about in a few weeks. In preparation for this project, I have had the opportunity to meet a young lady and kindred spirit Annick Ina (check out her website here) and she shared some wise words here with me that I want to share with anyone out there who is hesitant to tell their story.

Annick spoke about Original medicine – and she described this as the message each of us is uniquely able to convey, because somewhere out there is one (or more persons) who needs to hear this message specifically from you. My sister and I discussed this a few weeks ago, when she was telling me about the value she got from a book that she read, and one of the chapters was the author speaking about her experience reading another book (which she would never have picked up herself). Sometimes you have something to say and you alone are uniquely qualified to share it in your voice. This is your original medicine. And it can be the answer to the question why me? Or to the concern that there are a hundred other people out there already speaking about this, or doing this business, or writing about this topic. It is their duty to share their take on it, and it is your duty to share yours. And it is my duty to share mine! It was just what I needed to hear to get past a little writer’s block I was feeling – even about my blog.

Think about what your original medicine is. Is it a word of encouragement that you can share with a friend? Is it a poem, blog post or even a piece of art? A song you can sing? I will let you know what mine is in a few weeks. In the meantime – above are a few of my favourite moments over the past week - and now that I am driving - the sunset is MINE!!! It may not be original medicine, but this week those things were just the things I needed to bring me joy. What has brought you joy this week? Comment below!

In the meantime – I send you big love from a small island.