Safiya Robinson

So you want to be a V.I.P

Safiya Robinson
So you want to be a V.I.P

“Everything is a thing” shares how I re-examined my own values, embraced my true self and found all the support I needed within my community. My hope is to help others feel grounded and accepting of who they are, which will strengthen their existing relationships.

And in just a few minutes you can become a VIP reader of this book!

What does that mean? Well over the next few weeks, I am giving you my readers the special opportunity to pre-order a signed, limited edition printed copy of my book hot off the presses in a few months, delivered straight to your door! And you get to read the e-book before anyone else! This VIP first edition is being offered to a small group for a limited time only, as there will only be 200 copies printed! 

In addition, there will be some juicy extras and bonus content in the run up to the release. I really want to celebrate the milestone of this new book as well as celebrating you my readers. The official e-book release date is May, and pre-orders will close early in April.

My book is about my personal journey to leading a more authentic life, with opportunities for you to unleash your most authentic life as well. It is part memoir, part method, part inspiration, and those who have been following my blog will recognise I like to inject my personality and some humour and this book will be no exception. This unique opportunity is available for only $39 USD plus postage per copy!!!

 To take advantage of this VIP opportunity, click below to pay through paypal and select your location for a link to the payment, and once that has been completed, you will receive a welcome email and you can send your mailing address to me so that you can receive your signed copy as soon as it is ready, and bonus content will be delivered straight to your inbox. And if you want to learn even more about it, you can read about it here in a previous blog post.

I am excited to share my new book with you and look forward to hearing about YOUR journey to a more authentic life!

Sending you big love from a small island



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