39 and Counting: Feel Good About Turning 40
39 and Counting: Feel Good About Turning 40
Make 40 More Fun Than 20

Welcome to the life lessons that helped me make turning 40, more fun than turning 20!

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I’m Safiya, an island girl from Barbados with a passion for writing and empowering women to define and live a values driven life - especially after 40!

I’m here to cheer you on, inspire you, and remind you that you’re not going through this all by yourself!

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Many, many women meet their forties with joy, excitement, and enthusiasm — and you can be one of them!

Why wait another moment?

Let’s dig into embracing every part of your story — including this whole being-in-your-forties thing — & make this decade, the best one yet!

You deserve to feel good about forty.

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