39 and Counting: Feel Good About Turning 40
39 and Counting: Feel Good About Turning 40
Make 40 More Fun Than 20

Welcome to 40

Some months ago, I was asked to describe what this blog was (meant to be) about, my immediate response was - I want women to feel good about turning forty. Sure - we want to feel good at any age, but as I approached this milestone, I wasn’t even sure how it would look, and many of my friends reported an overwhelming feeling of not being where they expected to be in life. It was then that I decided to reflect on the lessons I learned that had brought me so far. Since then, the milestone has come and gone, and my reflection and writing has shown me how four practices are making my forties feel good. And I have subdivided this blog based on these four categories. 

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Looking Back at Life Lessons

This is where I reflected on and wrote about the lessons I learned, and considered what got me here. If you want to read more about my process of writing and reflecting on lessons I learned, then here is a great place to start. Writing lessons allowed me to re-frame parts of my past, and to look to the future with optimism.

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Looking around at my community

This has been my biggest joy - looking around at the wonderful people around who make my life enjoyable at any age, and especially at 40. I wrote about this here, and will be writing much more about the power of community this year. In particular, I have been researching and writing about the power of diverse communities. Surrounding myself with a variety of people from different places and cultures has truly enhanced my life, increased my empathy and shaped my understanding of the world. Much more to come on this.


Looking inward and reflecting

Internal reflection was also a part of the process. Looking at my values, my motivations and my beliefs and increasing my self awareness made it possible for me to make lasting change. To let go of beliefs that weren’t serving me and take action in the face of fear - read about it here. It made it possible for me to achieve lifelong dreams of writing books. It made it possible for me to speak and live my truth.

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Having Fun!

The last part of this process is fun! Turning 40, I released the weight of others expectations and sought joy in every day. It doesn’t always go to plan but that is what makes it an adventure! In the context of this blog, you will see my poems, travel blogs, posts I wrote for pure joy, new recipes and my instagram feed Everyday Funversations - which I started for that very reason. And one of the most fun things I did was write a novel. Please join my waiting list if you want to receive a free digital copy