39 and Counting: Feel Good About Turning 40
39 and Counting: Feel Good About Turning 40
Make 40 More Fun Than 20

Some months ago, I celebrated the first anniversary of my 39th birthday. (Or the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday - pick whichever one works for you!!!) Alternatively I could say that I turned 20. Again. Along the way, I learned many valuable lessons about food, photography, love and life on a small island, and I thought I could share some of them with anyone who wants to hear these things first hand.



Birds in the sand

39 and counting...

As they say on The Sound of Music movie - these are a few of my favourite things! So I have decided to make a place to share them so that anyone who turned 40 on a small island, and found themself with a camera in hand, (yes... I still use my trusty camera) can know that there is someone else out there cheering them on! Some of these posts may have previously appeared on my Facebook page (or in email inboxes) as I wrote them on my travels, while others are more recent, but anything I post here is my own original work that I have either penned, photographed or eaten (and in some cases cooked!) So if you are ready for the musings of a 39+ year old, then lets dig in! Enjoy!