39 and Counting: Feel Good About Turning 40
39 and Counting: Feel Good About Turning 40
Make 40 More Fun Than 20

What helped me feel good about turning 40…

I’m so glad you found your way here. Take a look around! You can use this section to navigate the blog posts. This blog is all about feeling GOOD about turning 40. As I approached this milestone, I wasn’t sure what it would look like, and I was a little terrified! So I did a few things that helped tremendously that you can read about below. The other thing I did: I had fun! I released much of the weight of others expectations and sought joy in every day. I hope that you enjoy reading about my lessons and you are inspired to reflect on your own lessons, and have your own adventures! This is a tremendous milestone. You made it this far and that is worth celebrating! And if you want to receive email updates about new posts and projects, click here!

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Life Lessons

This is where this blog began with the 39 lessons I learned before I turned 40. During this process, I reflected on how I got here. Writing these lessons allowed me to reframe parts of my past and to look to the future with optimism!

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Supportive Community

This has been a real joy - looking around at and appreciating the wonderful people around me who make life enjoyable at any age, but especially at 40. These posts speak about the power of community - particularly diverse communities. Surrounding myself with people from different places and cultures has truly enhanced my life, increased my empathy and shaped my understanding on the world.

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Personal Reflections

Internal reflection was also a part of this process. Looking at my values, motivations and beliefs, and increasing my self awareness made it possible for me to make changes in life; to let go of beliefs that weren’t serving me and to take action in the face of fear! It even allowed me to write my book!