39 Lessons... Where to next?

39 Lessons... Where to next?

I am coming to the end of my posts. It was always my aim to create “39 lessons I learned on the journey to 40”, and while I have one or two more to share (which will actually take it beyond 39), I feel myself moving in a new direction, although I am not a hundred percent sure what that direction will be. To those who asked why 39 instead of 40, I ask why not. That was always my vision, and I am pleased to have been able to achieve it, even supercede it.

In addition, I would love to write about and share some of the lessons that you my readers (friends) have learned on your journeys in life. If you want to share any, then leave a comment below, or email me at 39andcountingblog@gmail.com. And to those who know me personally, please do not be surprised if I reach out to you to hear about your lessons.

Lastly, I will be starting the 365 challenge in October when my schedule is lighter. This will allow me to focus on my goals and supporting you with your goals, and there will be a series of posts relating to goal setting as well as some posts on the topics that have been chosen as common goals. Thank you readers, commenters, cheerleaders – even critics! This process has been enjoyable and it isn’t over yet. This is the beauty of being 39 and counting!

Big love from a small island!

Ps another San Diego photo is above...